Park Engagements {Mitchell & Ashton}

This week we are doing a little something special that we haven’t done in a long time! We are going to be featuring the same couple 3 days in a row starting with their gorgeous engagement session photographed by Gideon Photo! We were so in love with all the images we couldn’t help but share them all! Here is a little snippet from the bride:

“Mitch and I decided to wear dress clothes for our engagement photos. We wanted to pick outfits and colors that would be timeless yet had a modern twist. We also decided we didn’t want to use props or anything that would be distracting in the images. We just wanted it to be us, him and I, and hoped that our feelings for one another would come through in the photos. Near the end, Jimmy suggested that we take some in our everyday clothes as well. We are really glad we listened because a few of those relaxed, spontaneous photos turned out to be some of our favorites.”

We love photos that really show emotion and love between two people and Jimmy with Gideon Photo did a fabulous job!

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