Patriotic Engagements {Sam & Kelly}

This past week has been a rough one for our sweet country. We decided this post couldn’t be more fitting to start off this new week right! Sam and Kelly met and fell in love in St. George. A week after they got engaged Sam went to San Diego for Marine Boot Camp for 3 months. Sam was able to come home for a month and they decided to do their engagements. While they were at it…they decided to get married! We love that they incorporated their love for the country as well as his uniform in the photos. And of course they are a gorgeous couple!


  1. Amanda Hill says:

    I am speachless! Sara is such a talent and to capture such breathtaking moment….I am seriously crying over these and I don’t even know them! Breathtaking!

  2. Paul Larson says:

    We are so proud of our daughter Kelly and our new son-in-law Sam. Their love and dedication to each other as well as the country we love is truly inspiring.

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