Patriotic Groomals {Breana & Jace}

With the 4th of July getting closer we are starting to get our patriotic decorations out and get into the grove of summer. We felt like it was only fitting to share these beautiful patriotic groomals captured by Ali Brown Studios with you! Jace serves in the military and is a true patriot. He loves this country almost as much as he loves Breana. Naturally it just made sense to combine all his loves into one scenery and we love it so much! Still swooning over the gorgeous shots with the American flag!
IMG_5229 IMG_5253 UBB_PatrioticGroomals IMG_5276bw IMG_5292 IMG_5338 UBB_PatrioticGroomals2 IMG_5368 IMG_5526 IMG_5252 UBB_PatrioticGroomals3 IMG_5637 IMG_5727 IMG_5697 IMG_5884 IMG_5681 IMG_5661 IMG_5668 IMG_5648 UBB_PatrioticGroomals4 IMG_5823 IMG_5879

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  1. Erin says:

    These are beautiful! Love the theme and the location, what a fun idea. The photography is amazing.

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