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If you have not already heard we are new + new + new + new in so many good ways! Today we are taking you inside the function and experience that UBB is now!

Bride and Groom Washington school house park city Utah honeymoon suite editorial for Utah Bride Blog. WeddingThe first thing you might have noticed is that our home page is no longer our blog page, that we currently have a pretty landing page with a basic introduction to UBB, an easy to navigate menu tab + footer area that leads to the rest of the goodness. This provides a clean pretty place for our readers to get started and a great place for us to showcase all the pretty images from our most current mag shoots!

Speaking of mag shoots you can access the magazine portion of our site from the top menu bar at any time on any page! On the mag page you will find access to every issue we have ever created with the most current issues at the top of the page! We are excited to continue to pump out these digital pages of beauty in a magazine form for you to enjoy!

bohemian style bride for fashion editorial Utah Bride BlogAlso on the main menu bar at the top is a way to get to what we anticipate will be our most viewed page on UBB, our blog, as per the long standing tradition of this company! And if you are reading this then you have already found this valuable page! We will still be blogging at least once daily during the work week to inspire you local wedding planning people + offer you relevant information + education to make your big day that much better! Here you will find the latest of what we are talking about as well as the last decades worth of content, you could scroll forever if you want!

Up there in the main menu you will also find two valuable links to help you plan your big day, our vendor directory that will lead you to a page that will prompt you to select the main region of Utah, the southern region, or the northern region, and then you can select which wedding service category you are in need of finding vendors for and see who we highly recommend as preferred vendors. (Some categories are still building, we appreciate your patience.) The other menu item pairs hand-in-hand with the vendor directory in that it is also a source, be it a more accurate, efficient, and thorough source, an opportunity to sit down with one of us and let us help you narrow the vast field of wedding industry pros + creatives to the ones that fit your style + budget! Hit our “plan” page up for more info on this!

Utah Bride Blog honeymoon scene, husband and wife, Utah Bride BlogYou should take notice of the easy subscribe form on the side of the blog that will put you on our email lists for insider deals + info for all things Utah wedding related! We invite you to sign up!

There is also one other area for our readers that has what we call “additional info” clever we know …. Here you can find our “about” page to learn about who runs UBB + how it came to be, as well as a contact page where you can easily access ALL departments here at UBB.

Then there is the fine print blah blah blah that we call “terms of use” and “privacy policy” both legally important but not much in the way of experience.

If you are interested in submitting your engagements, formals, or wedding to us hit up the “submit” page on the right side of the footer area!

Bridal gowns for the Utah Bride Blog fashion shootFor the pros, creatives, and businesses in the industry we have one section down at the footer on the right hand side just for you! Here you will find our “advertise” page with all the goods + info on marketing with UBB and an easy subscribe button for you too! You will also find our “submit” page with all the info on how to submit your work to us for publication, this is a really important read so please do read it! Submitting to us does NOT require you to advertise, we don’t hustle like that here. You will also find a page here titled “vendor education” this area was built because we believe in continued education and we hope you do too! We want to sponsor events + be part of them, so check out this page for more info on that!

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We hope you have enjoyed this capture of what the new UBB entails and that you will come back and visit often! Have a great holiday weekend + happy NEW YEAR!