Pink and Purple Barbie Blooms {Flower Friday}

We are so excited to show off today’s Flower Friday Feature brought to you by Melissa Nickle of Blossom Sweet! We are talking gorgeous and feminine pink and purple blooms that are perfect for a spring or summer wedding! Let’s dive right in!

I am excited to have Blossom Sweet’s work featured today. Early last year, my lovely friend and colleague, Mikki Platt, approached me about an idea she had to do a shoot based on the iconic ‘Barbie and Ken.’ We decided to plan the project as a team, and together we came up with a great concept! We were so happy to have such an incredibly talented team come on board, and we couldn’t no have done it without every one of them. For a project like this we definitely wanted to steer clear of anything too literal or cheesy, and rather go for an aesthetic that would lend more toward a look of sophistication. And thus, in May of last year ‘Barbara and Kenneth’ were born.

The most obvious choice for colors included various shades of pink (Barbie wouldn’t have it any other way, right?), so we moved forward with a palette of blush and bright pinks, ivory, and glitzy metallic accents. Fast-forward to the day before the shoot when I was putting together the designs, and I found myself underwhelmed by so much pink. I felt like it was a little boring! So I made my way over to my local supplier just before closing time to see if I could find anything in particular that caught my eye and would take the designs to the next level. I didn’t know what I was looking for per se, but when I saw the miniature lavender clematis in the cooler (the sort of star-shaped bloom) I fell fast and I fell hard–I’m talking head-over-barbie-in-pink-stillettos hard. I knew I had found the game changer! So we moved forward with more of a “pink and purple” scheme (which coincidentally were my favorite colors throughout most of my childhood), and I’m so glad we made that adjustment!

Finally, here’s the bloom breakdown by color:

pink: garden roses, standard roses, spray roses, kiss me over the garden gate (I swear, I love it just for the name alone!), sweet peas, lisianthus, peonies (several varieties), and dahlias

purple: clematis (1 locally grown variety, 2 others), and stock (2 varieties)

ivory/green: hydrangea, jasmine vine, dusty miller, ranunculus, and locally grown viburnum

UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers1 MPP-0780 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers5 MPP-0791 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers2 MPP-0827 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers3 MPP-1235 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers6 UtahBrideBlog_PinkandPurple_Bouquet_Flowers4 MPP-4459

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