Proposal Moment: James & Jessie

We know its flower Friday and you have come to expect a bloom worthy post here …. {this wont disappoint, it boasts a crazy beautiful bouquet from Blossom Sweet and a beautiful blossoming orchard too! but today we have something uniquely special, it really is about a beautiful story and a clever capture of one man proposing to one beautiful woman. ETF Photography was gracious enough to share this moment with us, orchestrated carefully by Liz herself and a few other collaborating vendors. This must have been a fun one to be involved with!

This clever photog and her little brother schemed up the perfect surprise. They set up a shoot with a gorgeous Gateway bridal gown that utilized the beauty of this gentleman’s girlfriend. Here she is just thinking she is modeling a gown in a shoot. He even accompanied her until he was sent to ‘scout a new location’ but rather changed into a tux and surprised the love of his life. The images are beautiful and priceless, well captured emotion that is hard to not feel!

James shares with us his thoughts on the proposal: As I tried and tried to come up with a creative way to propose to my girlfriend Jessie I was drawing a blank. She knew that sometime soon I would propose due to our numerous talks and plans regarding marriage, not to mention the fact that she’d already picked out the ring she wanted. Thanks to my sister Liz, the perfect opportunity was presented. Liz had used my girlfriend as her model before, and I remembered that Liz had mentioned how great an orchard shoot would be, so the picture developed in my mind and I liked what I was seeing. 

So I found an orchard, got permission, guessed when it should be in full bloom with the help of the orchard owner, and made plans with Liz for the proposal. It was 2 or 3 weeks away at that point. However, mother nature had something to say about or wonderful plans…. actually she had a lot to say. Rain, snow, and cold weather moved in shortly after putting a big halt on our chosen date. With too many things lined up for the photo shoot, the date could not be changed, forcing us to search for a new place to shoot. It was a mad scramble for Liz and I to find a new location. At first we resigned ourselves to a park in the city, but were ecstatic to find an apricot orchard in full bloom instead! Thank goodness for the hardiness of apricot blossoms!

Saturday came, and with it knots in my stomach as I watched rain fall from the sky almost all morning and into the afternoon. Liz called an audible and took Jessie to the Joseph Smith Memorial Building to take some “safe” pictures, just in case we did in fact get rained out. During the photo shoot I played assistant for Liz and enjoyed it quite a bit actually, but I couldn’t ignore that knot of a stomach. Eventually we headed for the orchard praying as we drove for the clouds to clear. Lucky for me, mother nature is a hopeless romantic. We arrived at the orchard, finding nothing but sunshine. It was muddy, but we’d already planned for that. I continued playing assistant for just long enough to get Liz and Jessie distracted taking pictures. When I heard my cue to disappear, I was off and running to the van where my tux and ring were hidden in a compartment on the floor. I quickly changed right there by the side of the road, double checked that I had the ring, and sneaked my way back into the orchard. I made it undetected all the way to about 5 yards behind Jessie. She turned around, stared at me for a moment, and then a grin crept across her face. I’m pretty sure she knew what was up as soon as she saw me. None the less, I had surprised her!! She said “yes” before I even popped the question. Liz assured me it would be hard to say no to a man in a tux. I officially popped the question and as they say, the rest is history! 

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