Proposal Story: Lindsey + Adam

The next few days are bringing on that spring vibe, we are excited here at UBB for a change of season but we do have a few more winter like posts for you! Including this proposal photographed by the Hickenloopers. We love a proposal captured in photo or video and hearing individual love stories! Thanks for sharing with us Lindsey + Adam and congrats, we are truly happy for you!

Adam and I are a modern day love story meets meant to be fairy tale. After initially matching on Tinder and some occasional texting, we lost touch. It took over a year for Adam to randomly show up at the salon I worked at with his daughter. I didn’t recognize him right away but after following me on social media for the last year Adam was determined to catch my eye. Not long after I randomly recognized him on social media, I felt the need to I reach out.  We had our first date listening to Ben Harper live at Red Butte, with the mountains behind us and the moon above us our story began. We were instantly crazy about each other and we’ve been solid since day one. The next two and half years we spent growing the bond not only between us but our children. I have one child and he has two. Adam surprised me with a night up in Park City and on the way up Immigration Canyon we pulled off to look at the view. Adam had set up Shelby Hickenlooper, an amazing photographer to catch the moment and with the mountains we love behind us the man I love got down on one knee and it was the happiest moment of my life.