Rachel + Carson {In Love}

We love a great love story and we love beautiful images to go along with it! Today we are sharing Rachel and Carson’s gorgeous engagements by Chantel Marie and a little bit more about this couple! We love this couples style and that emerald green is gorgeous on you Rachel! These images speak for themselves but here is a little story about how this stunning couple met!

“I have moved 11 times in my life but I ended up moving to Layton, Utah right before high school. Carson is from Kaysville-born and raised. Carson and I were randomly assigned to sit next to each other in every math class we had in high school and became inseparable. We were best friends. He went on a mission to Poland and I went to college. When he got back, I had been seriously dating someone and through a dramatic-filled summer–> I chose to marry Carson. We have known each other for six years now. IT IS ABOUT TIME!!!!!! I have dreamed about this my whole life-I cannot believe it is here!”

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