Rachel & Phil {In Love}

We are obsessed with everything about these gorgeous engagement photos by J. Taylor Photography! These images were taken in Salt Lake City and they are so dreamy and perfect! We adore Rachel & Phil’s unique style and they couldn’t look more perfect together! And that yellow dress from Dillard’s really adds a fun pop of color to the images! We have been loving engagement photo season and all of the amazing talent we have hear in Utah!

utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-16 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-15 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-14a utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-14 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-13 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-12 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-11 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-10 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-9 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-8 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-7 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-6 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-5 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-4 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-3 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-2 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-1 utah_wedding_photographer-Rachel&Phil-17


  1. Haylee says:

    Love their wardrobe pairing. Cute couple! And I would love to know where those pretty blossom tree pictures were taken. The backdrop is stunning!

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