Rainy Engagements {Natasha + Sam}

We love how this engagement sessions turned out. These two wanted a classy but very natural look to their engagements: she wanted to wear a black ball gown was such a fun pair with the horse and the green natural look! The off and on rain did not stop this gorgeous couple, they embraced the weather and Sami Jo Photography rocked this amazing session!7T0A4149-2 7T0A4158 7T0A4208 7T0A4232 7T0A4254 7T0A4321 7T0A4442 7T0A4470-2 7T0A4492 7T0A4497 7T0A4540 7T0A4578 7T0A4598 7T0A4620 7T0A4642 7T0A4674 7T0A4689 7T0A4694 7T0A4697 7T0A4716 7T0A4747 7T0A4823-2 7T0A4901 2-2