Red Bouquets for Valentine's Day {Flower Friday}

Happy Valentine’s Day! The day of love and celebrating those that mean the most to us! In honor of the holiday we have Melissa Nickle with Blossom Sweet sharing some of her beautiful work with us!

“It seems like tradition that this time of year that I always find myself busy-as-a-bee updating the Blossom Sweet portfolio and (among other things) gearing up for an oncoming wedding season sure to be filled with flowers galore. This year has proved to be no exception to the rule, and while sorting through hundreds of images recently it hit me just how many events my company has done which were heavily based on and influenced by the color RED.

Perhaps such a bold color simply sticks out among other options, or maybe, just maybe, I really have just done just that many rouge events. I think the answer to that query is a mixture of both options, and luckily for me, I happen to think red is beautiful. In fact, today on Valentine’s Day, I declare that red is sexy! So let’s honor this classic color-of-love with a tribute to some seriously ravishing red bouquets. Enjoy!”

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Photo credits in order of appearance:
1. Gideon Photography
2. David Newkirk
3. Lindsey Shaun
4. Mikki Platt
5. Mikki Platt
6. Mikki Platt
7. Kate Jeppson