Redford Center Lawn Wedding {Brit + Tom}

We have a wonderful Sundance Wedding for you today! Brit and Tom sealed the deal June 28, 2014 and their special day was nothing short of amazing. Jimmy Bishop, from Gideon Photography captured each moment beautifully. The couple worked with Fuse Weddings and Events to plan and entrust them with their wedding and make sure every detail was perfect!

Read a little bit from the bride herself:

How You Met: “We met in the Environmental Studies Program at the University of Utah. We had a class studying Antartica and would meet weekly to study and started dating right before graduation.”
How He Proposed: Tom had a custom Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream made the flavor said, ‘Britney will you marry me?’–best ice cream ever!”
Menu & How You Selected It: “We really wanted good food and Sundance impressed us. We didn’t want anyone to feel hungry at our wedding so food was important. We served various Hors D’eouvres during cocktail hour with our signature drink Mojito. As for the main dishes, we started with a salad then offered our guests choice between the Sundance Pepper crusted Beef Filet, with Mango Chutney, The Grilled Vegetable & Goat Cheese Strudel with Fire Roasted Pepper Sauce, or Grilled Salmon with Tomato Pine Nut Relish.
Wedding Song: “First Day of My Life: Bright Eyes”

Bride’s: “Seeing my husband waiting for me.”
Groom’s: “Seeing my wife walking down the isle.”

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