Romantic Getaway: Harkness Hotel

I have been married for just a little more than 18 years and personally know and understand the importance of quality time as a couple, be it that there are no kids involved or that there are many, escaping the demands of daily life to focus solely on yourselves as a couple can be a powerful use of time and resources, priceless even. Some of my favorite trips with my soul mate have occurred this year and they have been simple getaways close to home. I wanted to share with you soon to be wed, newlyweds, and long time wed couples how luxurious an intimate getaway can be so close to home through a series of posts and insights about marriage.


This year back in May the hubs and I took a little road trip up north to the Idaho region in celebration of 18 years and to just veg in luxury. I found this little gem of a hotel in McCammon ID, not far from Lava Hot Springs, a favorite stop of ours, and began to put my road trip planning skills to work. I believe in taking time to enjoy getting to the destiny and love quirky + beautiful stop offs to just breath and see and learn. There is an app for that and we all know it! My favorite is Roadtrippers, you easily map out the journey and can see all the options along the way, from big attractions to quirky random ones.

We took a long and adventurous route away from freeways and big towns, we enjoyed rolling hills and simple ways of life. We visited a monastery, a few small town cemeteries, and vast fields of hard at work farmers. It was our own vibe as a couple, we encourage you to find yours. Regardless, a  luxurious place to crash + love nest is always appealing to the masses. In the small town of McCammon you will find The Harkness Hotel, and not much else to speak of, but a worthwhile booking for some alone time.


The Harkness Hotel boasts a simple + telling tagline ….. unexpected luxury. A luxury (serious luxury, they are not playin around with this word) boutique hotel located in a 110 yr old building on the national historic registry. Modern luxury infused with historic elegance, this winner is well designed + comfortable + romantic. The building boasts a ton of history and has an interesting tale to tell, so be sure to ask. But also be sure to just veg in the luxury and connect with your mate, connection is the life blood of any and all relationships so make sure it happens in yours.

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Perfect for a close by honeymoon, a romantic stop to celebrate, or just because. Head a few minutes east to dip your bodies in the hot water of Lava Hot Springs and just relax!