Romantic Lit Bridals

This gorgeous inspired shoot was created to encapsulate all that winter brings into our lives. When everything around us becomes white, cold, and the days become shorter, what are we left with? A different kind of beauty.

We use lights to cheer up the darkness and warm up the cold hues, as well as bringing a little romance into our lives. By candle light we feel cozy and intimate with our loved ones around and twinkling lights do something to our hearts we can’t quite understand. We wanted to make sure those elements were brought to our stark white urban loft studio setting, which by nature is made of cold hues.

The bride was surrounded with soft greens, and naturally romantic rose blooms of soft white and peach hues. Our bride adorned a rustic and vintage fur shawl with a sexy off the shoulder all lace dress. Her angelic like hair and fair complexion was all pulled together by her deep red lip. The vintage oddly yet perfectly complimentary colored chair was the perfect setting for our beautiful bride to sit upon. The set up of the twinkling lights and candles sitting in vintage brass candles sticks found at thrift stores are easily recreated for any intimate gathering or ceremony. This simple yet elegant session really brings the warmth and romance that winter brings straight to your heart.WInterStylized-0192 WInterStylized-0198 WInterStylized-0223  WInterStylized-0252 WInterStylized-0265 WInterStylized-0274 WInterStylized-0276 WInterStylized-0288 WInterStylized-0302 1 2 3 5 6 WInterStylized-0312 WInterStylized-0317 WInterStylized-0319     WInterStylized-0350 WInterStylized-0388 WInterStylized-0395  WInterStylized-0409  WInterStylized-0424 WInterStylized-0431

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