SLC Court House Groomals {Ashton & Mitchell}

Yesterday we featured this beautiful couples engagement session in the park and today we are sharing Ashton and Mitchell’s gorgeous groomals at the Salt Lake City Court House captured by Jimmy Bishop of Gideon Photography! The way Jimmy captures his clients is absolutely beautiful and we can’t stop swooning over every image!

“Mitch and I decided we wanted the bridal session to include mostly shots of the two of us together, instead of just me. We felt like it was important to have that extra time and space to get some of the photos we knew we wanted but knew would be difficult to get on the wedding day itself. Very often the groom’s suit is overlooked when it comes to wedding preparations. I knew that I wanted Mitch to feel just as wonderful as I did on our wedding day. We ended up purchasing a Vera Wang Black Slim Fit Tuxedo. Additionally, we had a few alterations done on it to ensure the perfect fit. I decided early in the planning process that I wanted to have my gown made. I brought an inspiration photo for my gown with me to the consultation. We were able to draw a sketch based on the aspects of the dress I liked. She used white lace over champagne satin with pearl embellishments to achieve the perfect result!”
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