Spring 2015 Editorial | Ceremony + Reception

We love the fashion and we love the food but what we really love is the decor details at a wedding celebration. And boy oh boy to we have tons of amazing inspiration for you to feast your eyes on today created by the team at Mood Events for our Spring Editorial feature!

Selecting a venue space like the beautiful Washington School House gives your guests a very intimate experience for the entire wedding weekend. If you are working with smaller gathering spaces at your venue you can utilize those spaces by overlapping your settings. Hold your ceremony and reception in the same space but decorate them completely different from each other to make them special in their own way.

Create the perfect ethereal and intimate setting by draping light and airy chiffon fabric on either side of the space, making a “room” specific for your ceremony. We love the way the delicate vines subtly climbed the chiffon panels, while the mantle and hearth of the fireplace exuded warmth and lush beauty by way of candlelight and gorgeous soft blooms and foliage.

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony3 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony4bUtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony5 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Ceremony6

For a more intimate and personal reception area, design your tables with a cohesive yet slightly varied look instead of perfectly matching place settings. You can do this by using different tables and linens, plate styles, floral arrangements and tablescape décor. Keeping elements the same on each table, while switching up the linen and floral décor will a achieve a varied look, while ensuring the overall design and feel of the space remain connected.

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception3 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception4 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception9 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception10 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception11 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception16 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception5 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception6 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception15 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception7 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception8 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception13 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception12 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception14 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception17

No celebration would be complete with out some cake! And for this celebration it was all about the presentation of the cake! Don’t only think of your cake design, but think how it can be displayed to add to your decor elements at your event. Create a back drop to showcase your stunning cake by using vines and florals for framing. We can’t stop swooning over this eye catching cake designed by Pippa Cakery and it just so happens to be one of our favorite details from this entire wedding! A simply gorgeous white cake and be transformed into an overgrown garden by adding fresh flowers at the base of each tier as if they are growing out of the cake. Something that pretty might just be to hard to eat!

UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingCake1 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingCake4 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingCake2 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_WeddingCake3 UtahBrideBlog_SpringEditorial_Reception18