Styled Anniversary Session: Nikki + Braxton

Nikki got back in her wedding gown and talked her handsome hubby into getting in some formal attire so they could document their love through a styled shoot with Renee Shifflet Photography. Enchanted Forest Park turned out to be the ideal location, setting the scene with a movie-esque quality that is perfectly charming + adorable.

There is something so incredible about the topic “timing is everything”. One of my most adored conversations I have with my husband is about the moment we met. Both of us were raised in the same small town of St.George, our parents were friends in school, and having so many mutual friends, it’s ironic to think somehow we never crossed paths. We have concluded that it was for the best. When Braxton and I met we were both broken with little to offer each other. In those early days there were obstacles that prevented us from truly sharing our souls. This was one of the many blessings I found in the “timing”. We both had lost sight of ourselves and knew we were not ready, even though, in that time apart the universe kept attempting to bring us together. Finally after a great deal of time and effort reconstructing who we were as individuals, we committed to each other and moved in together. We have never lost sight of our commitment to ourselves as individuals nor to each other. This past June, Braxton and I celebrated 5 years from the day we promised to share our lives together. We married just shy of 2 years later and will be celebrating 3 years of marriage this October. What a miracle to have met at such a trying time in our lives. The days of improving ourselves laid the foundation for our unbreakable bond. We will forever celebrate this day as a time of reflection for how far we have come as individuals and as one.

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  1. Gorgeous couple! Wonderful photos and style. Love the scenic beauty of the lake that will make your experience more memorable. Good Job!

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