submission guidelines {its all in the details}


Its all in the details … When it comes to submissions, its the details that we here at UBB are after! We have become aware that many of you are interested in our submission guidelines as well as a little direction regarding just what it is we are interested in and what gets something, anything published. For your convenience {and ours} we are posting this lovely post as well as creating a submit tab! This post comes at a time for yet further progression, as the blog grows and changes to meet both the needs of our local planning brides and our local vendors, so read carefully guidelines have shifted and changed a bit!

If you would like to submit a …..

Company feature & promotion – please identify a problem, need or topic in your area of expertise and send us an email with the article finished and ready to post. It needs to be of educational value to the bride’s and the industry. {plug ins should be to a minimum}. Your email submission also should accompany at least 5 professional images of your work, and or product or something that relates to the article that is visual. {please see image guidelines below}. Your mark in the industry should also be explained along with all pertinent contact information including all appropriate links.


An engagement session feature – This is one of our most common submissions, and therefor one of the hardest to get published. Because these types of submissions come in so frequently the bar gets pushed higher. So its very important that these are very detail oriented, unique and creative. The images must be visually entertaining beyond just a great looking couple and good photography! We will need the couple’s names as well as any pertinent info or story behind their shoot. At least 15 images meeting our guidelines should accompany this submission email, and it should be ready to post! {see image guidelines.}Please send all appropriate links and contact information for any participating vendors.


Bridal &/or Groomal feature – This is the other most common category submitted. Its very important that your submission be catered to something more entertaining then just two great looking people posing. It must have the IT factor. Great work in all categories, makeup, hair, attire, accessories, flowers, location, logistics & of course detail shots! Again we would like a minimum of 15 images sent via email for review, re sized to our specifications and guidelines, ready to post! All credits for vendors involved and appropriate links and contact information needs also to be provided in the original submission email. Please also inform us of any special story or significance as well as the couples names.


Wedding feature – We don’t get enough feature submissions, so bring it on! Often times even if the entire wedding cant be featured, a specific detail is so stellar that we post something more focused about the event. We would like a minimum of 30 images emailed sized to our specifications with the appropriate vendor accreditation, and varied in visual appeal. At least 15 of these images need to be detail oriented. Please send the following information via text in email: the wedding date, location, colors, themes, bride & groom’s names, all bridal party attire, florists, catering, how they met, best part of the evening, special details, cake artistry, transportation if applicable, event designer or planner, entertainment, hair & makeup, decor/rentals, bridal gown & accessories, photography, videography, favors, and anything else pertinent to the event and in whatever order is convenient for you! All credits should be accompanied by vendor contact information and links. The entire submission needs to be emailed ready to post!


Requirements of Submissions:


  • Submissions need to come in as though they are ready to post. Those that send complete submissions will receive top scheduling priority, no post scheduling will occur until the submission is sent in its entirety. We realize that this is a little extra work on your part, we appreciate it! Like in the past all submissions will be reviewed and the submitter will be notified of approval and posting date.
  •  We try and only publish work that has not been published elsewhere specifically local to Utah (this does not apply to the photographers blog or other vendors blogs from the event), once your submission has been approved we kindly ask that you do not submit or publish it elsewhere until it has published on UBB.
  • All submissions need to be emailed to and images should be sent in a zipped folder.
  • Image Guidelines – All images must come with a sources credited! This means more than just photography.
  • Sized to 72 DPI for web, 800 pixels wide for a horizontal image and 400 pixels wide for a vertical.
  • Watermarks are NOT accepted. It really does distract from the images… we promise you will get proper credit!


Fantastic detail oriented photography credit: Tiny Comet Photography


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