Sundance Wedding {Natalia + Ian}

This dreamy wedding took place at Sundance; the feel the couple was going for is simplistic yet beautiful. They absolutely achieved that, all while also incorporating their love for the mountains. This beautiful couple shares a little bit about their special day, we adore Natalia and Ian!
Describing your wedding and why you did things the way you did?

We entered into our wedding with the basic premise that we wanted every aspect of the experience to be “authentic”, with some reasoning or emotion behind our decisions.  Both Natalia and I love the mountains, and Utah’s alpine environment, and wanted to share these experiences with our guests.  After deciding that we wanted a destination wedding, we knew we wanted to focus on the food/drinks and overall ambiance to create a special experience that everyone would enjoy and always remember. 
We wanted it to be simple but still feel personal and intimate. We didn’t want to tables to be cluttered with a forest of flowers that prevented guests from talking to one another. We decided to rent long farmhouse tables instead of going with the venue provided round tops to make it feel more intimate. We spent a lot of time on the seating chart to give guests a chance to meet new people that might have something similar in common. We didn’t have a Photo Booth but opted to have guest take their own photos with a Polaroid to save on costs. 
Natalia wanted the flowers and makeup to look and feel simple, natural but still stand out. We kept the arrangements relatively small with the colors and parts of the arrangements reflect the surrounding environment.

Why Sundance?

Sundance was an easy choice with a blend of casual luxury and excellent food choices.  We had family coming from both California and New York, so a halfway destination seemed to make sense, especially with SLC’s efficient airport and access to the mountains.  It was also important to us that our guests enjoy the destination independently of our wedding, so that they can create their own memories — Sundance allowed them to explore the area with hiking, fishing, etc, but then reconvene when we had activities.Most guests said they would have never thought about visiting Utah if it weren’t for our wedding and after many talked about coming back again because it was so beautiful.

What parts were important to you?

After scenery and the actual venue location, we spent a lot of attention on the food/drink — testing menus and also sourcing a local bakery to develop a custom wedding dessert that was both festive and delicious.  Additionally the team we assembled: Sundance’s administrators, bartenders and our photographer and planner allowed us to focus on enjoying the day.  Additionally, it was very important to have a DJ who was able to inspire the guests to dance and respond to the general event’s flow.

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