Thankful Thursday {Thank you Vendors!}


November has come back around again, and if you have followed us in previous years you know that Thursday’s hold some tradition for us! If you are a new reader than we want to welcome you to a month that is incredibly meaningful to us and invite you to read and participate in our thankful Thursday posts! Every Thursday in November we take the time to thank those that make this company possible and we do it with words and giveaways!

Utah is full {we literally mean full}, of creative and talented business owners, many of whom work in the wedding industry and contribute to this blog! Without that talent this blog most definitely would not be possible! We appreciate all those that support the blog and advertise with us, these vendors contribute heavily to our content and to the industry as a whole. We also appreciate those that interact with us in way of submissions and business support! We are immensely grateful to be working in such a beautiful field of industry and to be part of a community that makes creative business possible! Thank you for allowing us that place in Utah.

Our small token to send out in gratitude will be two gift certificates to City Creek, as tradition has dictated, and will go to two lucky and grateful wedding professionals here in Utah. One gift card will go to a preferred UBB professional, and the other is available to any wedding professional here in Utah. If you would like to enter or nominate a professional just simply comment here on this post with your name and or nomination and reason your grateful this season! The winners will be chosen and announced next Wednesday!



  1. Kate Osborne says:

    I am so grateful for such a strong local community here in Utah and great platforms like UBB to help us grow as an industry and individuals. Thank you UBB for being a local staple for brides, pros and inspiration! xoxo

  2. Syna Harris says:

    I’m so thankful for how sweet everyone is in the wedding industry here in Utah! I love how everyone is so supportive of one another rather than making it out to be a competition. Love all of you guys!!

  3. I’m so happy that I live in Utah. It has beautiful mountains and the most beautiful brides. Thanks UBB for showing us the beauty that happens here xoxo

  4. Keala Jarvis says:

    I am grateful for so many things but right now I am grateful for holidays. They give me a chance to celebrate, be with the people I love, and enjoy some great food. Holidays always remind me what is most important in my life which is my family. They are the reason I am inspired to do what I do .
    Thanks UBB! Much love!

  5. I love living in Utah just because of the kindness and generosity of my clients who live here. I am working hard to be the best photographer that I can and I so appreciate the support. I’ve never been featured on UBB, but I can only dream of such an honor! I hope this is ok, but I would like to nominate myself to win. Honestly, I’m obsessed with city creek!

  6. You guys are awesome thank you so much for what you do for vendors and ultimately brides. This time of the year is such a wonderful time to be grateful for families, friends and clients who allow us to do what we love :).

  7. Talia Jensen says:

    I am thankful for you guys at UBB and for helping spread more beauty in the world! I am also grateful for the kind photogs who helped me get to where I am today!

  8. I am thankful that in my first year since starting my business, I have received so much support from this incredible community, including beautiful publications that I love like UBB. I’m thankful for the friendships I’ve made and will make, and for my family that I can return to after a crazy wedding season.

  9. Grateful for home, family, and an ability to notice beauty. Honored to be hired by clients to make the biggest days of their lives beautiful ones!

  10. Morgan Davis says:

    grateful for the chance to work with the most amazing team at the bride blog! and for the opportunity i have to go to school and my sweet husband who i can laugh with when things get tough.

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