Thanksgiving Point Wedding {Lexi + Cam}

We love this sweet couple’s wedding shot by, Stephanie Sunderland Photography! Lexi and Cam are a match made in heaven, you can tell how in love they are in every moment. Their reception was held at Thanksgiving Point and every detail turned out beautifully. The beautiful flowers were done by the talented Milli Garrett  and the amazing gown is from The Perfect Dress. 
cam_lexi-1          cam_lexi-10 cam_lexi-11    cam_lexi-15 cam_lexi-16   cam_lexi-19   cam_lexi-22   cam_lexi-25     cam_lexi-28  cam_lexi-30  cam_lexi-33        cam_lexi-41  cam_lexi-43     cam_lexi-48  cam_lexi-50 cam_lexi-51        cam_lexi-59 cam_lexi-60  cam_lexi-64      cam_lexi-70       cam_lexi-77 cam_lexi-78     cam_lexi-82     cam_lexi-87 cam_lexi-90 cam_lexi-91 cam_lexi-92 cam_lexi-93       cam_lexi-100    cam_lexi-104     cam_lexi-109  cam_lexi-111     cam_lexi-116    cam_lexi-120  cam_lexi-121BW    cam_lexi-124     cam_lexi-129  cam_lexi-131   cam_lexi-134                 cam_lexi-150 cam_lexi-151    cam_lexi-154

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