The Finale

We here at UBB are always chatting with other vendors about post ideas that will be the most advantageous to our readers, recently Vicki with Ella Bella Floral had this creative post suggestion on some fun send off ideas. Thank you Vicki for creating this post for us, take it away!

We all know the value of “first impressions” but that should not minimize the power of “the final say” … “the last word” … “the grand finale!” Nothing is better then a perfect ending. If your going to orchestrate the event of your lifetime with the dress of your dreams, framed with fantastic flowers, followed by fabulous food, surrounded by family, friends, fun and frivolity, all photographed by your favorite photographer … {phew} … you must finish big after all that! So here on UBB today a few ideas on how to send yourself off in the same style and excitement that the rest of your event exuded.

Bubbles – Ok I know what your thinking …. “really???”  But look at the captivating images that bubbles create!

If you’ll think outside the bubble, and re-invent the container, maybe even work some giant sized blowers and makers, these little soap wonders could create amazing photo ops. And a side advantage, hit with the kids!

Petals – Whether its leaving your reception or the recessional as you walk back down the aisle, there is just something so utterly romantic about being showered in petals. Whether its rose or lavender, orchids or button mums, flowers are the language of love and symbolize a whole plethora of well wishes. It may be even possible to re-purpose roses used earlier in the day for your send off.

Confetti – Has come a long way from the discarded whole punches of the yesteryear. Today there is a whole industry focused on creating vibrant paper and metallic products, that launch, flutter, spiral, and almost even hang aimlessly in the air. Nothing says celebration quiet like an explosion of color, even in wedding white! The effect can be breath taking!

Flutter Fetti is a well trusted company, specializing in fetti for almost any and every occasion. They have non-toxic biodegradable products, which are easy to use, green, and affordable.

Streamers – A convenient way to minimize clean up with a similar effect to confetti, consider hand held streamers, which stay attached! If your mad about DIY projects, as many of you are here in this industries beehive state, these hand made streamers on a stick pictured below could easily be made well in advance, and custom coordinated to your wedding colors!

So you say you want something a little more quirky, that fits your “non-stop” fun personality? You might consider arming your minions with loaded cans of silly string!

Tunnel of love – for those that want a fuss-free exit but still with some kind of merriment, you might want to consider and adorable maze of your favorite people {you know the ones .. the die hards that stay to very end!} Its almost like one big group hug!

Sparklers – {last but not least!} – There is something to be said about tried and true methods! No matter how many times we see these festive wands of light, they are still magical. Even when these dandy little hand held fireworks are off season they can easily be found online in a variety of colors and sizes.

Whatever you choose for your grand finale your success will greatly increase with good planning and preparation. A few key tips, check with your venue about their “rules” in regards to these things. Make sure its part of the schedule. Give your photographer and or videographer a heads up in advance. Then once things have been set in motion all you have to do is say “cheeze!” make a run for it, and … live happily ever after!

Editorial: Vicki @ Ella Bella floral
Image credit in order: Chicago wedding video company . Izlas imaging . Jessica’s photography . Moments by Kellee . Cascio Photography . Grimm ricksen blog . Megan Hardre Photography . Life in Color . Chad Franz


  1. Calie Rose says:

    Very fun post with creative ideas! Nice work Vicki! It really makes you think of all the details there are to make your day perfect.

  2. So many cute ideas! I love the ribbon streamer idea! I also saw somewhere a couple who did glow sticks in their color. Sounds cheesy but the photos turned out cute and wouldn’t make a mess at your venue. Anyway, thanks so much for this post!

  3. Becky says:

    PS. Thanks for working so hard on this blog. I know if must be a pain at times to keep it up and going like you do. It’s such a great resource.

  4. David Perry says:

    Great info Vicki! This all makes for much better video, especially with the motion and lights. I’ll forward this to my clients who want to end their video with some sizzle.

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