The Last Post

This is the last post of 2017, and it is also my last post here on UBB.

I have written this post at least a dozen different ways with hundreds of different words so I hope the few words that remain do the culmination of this great blog justice.

If you read (or have read) UBB for wedding inspiration, thank you! You are one part of a two part audience that has made this a viable career for me and I am truly grateful! Thank you for sharing your love stories and your beautiful celebrations of all kinds, you have shared love, something that could never be overshared.

I wrote a post just before Christmas as a gift to you specifically, you can read it here. While all the details can make special effects and beauty beyond compare it really is about the feelings between the two of you, keep that perspective and hold onto it and you will have an advantage.

If you are creative working in the wedding industry, you are the other part of the audience, and for me the most valuable part. Out of this crop has come some of my closest and best friendships, limitless business and artistic inspiration, and a continual education in many things. I am incredibly grateful for you. Thank you for the support, I have tried to support you in return. Please go read or listen to BIG MAGIC, by Elizabeth Gilbert.  And in a year, read or listen to it again. She says everything that should be said about creativity. And then please go out and make BIG MAGIC or keep making it, or make it better! I plan to myself, and I also will be cheering for you.

The one thing I have come to fully understand about myself over the last few years is that I appreciate small group connection, and that I am passionate about teaching. So as I close this door please know that I am available to connect and to share whatever I can to help you on your path. I invite you to email me – –  I plan to keep tabs on this email for at least a year or longer.

I pursued several avenues of options in regards to what would or could happen to UBB when this time came. All of those avenues showed themselves as not viable and offered me valuable information about what avenue I actually needed to be on. And so I listened to what the universe gave me, and right here and right now on this day I push publish here for the last time. If you have a brilliant idea about what you could do with UBB, I am not closed to possibilities, contact me. Namaste