The New UBB


A long while in the making UBB finally has a new look, a new site, a new brand, + a new way to function! We are NEW in only the best ways that it is to be new! We want to thank you for your patience while we made a few last changes to the new site + took a holiday from blogging to spend the holidays with our fams! We hope today you will spend a few moments perusing the new pretty experience that we call home! A great place to start is our vendor directory if you are shopping for wedding vendors, or our advertising page if you are thinking about jumping on this pretty bandwagon! Hit up our subscription opt in on the sidebar of our blog if you are a bride who wants to stay in the know, and you can also subscribe to marketing options on our advertising page if you are a pro!

Tomorrow come back to find out a few details about how UBB functions for both the reader + the industry pro!