The Princess Project {Ariel}

We are so excited to give you the last and final Princess from the Princess Project series we have been featuring on UBB for the past year. Today we are sharing the beautiful Ariel and we can’t think of a better Princess to finish off this amazing series! This project was produced by the talented Lindsey Shawn and Lindsey Orton and we have been blown away by their attention to detail and how each concept has so accurately portrayed each princess in a bridal setting! A huge thank you to the other talented vendors involved who have helped to bring this vision to life! We can’t get enough of this red head beauty and hope you have enjoyed this project as much as we have!


In case you missed the other princess posts you can check them out here: {Mulan}{Sleeping Beauty}{Rapunzel}{Tiana}{Cinderella} {Belle}{Jasmine} {Snow White} and {Pocahontas}. We want to know! Which princess is your favorite?

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  1. I loved the image that was next to the bouquet. Her hair looked much looser in that shot, and so much more authentic to the real Ariel! Very strong, very romantic and the bouquet was fantastic!

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