Throw A Bouquet?

On the heals of Wednesday’s post the garter toss, I thought it appropriate to finish off this week with a little tid bit of history and info on another long held tradition, the bouquet toss!

Like the garter toss this tradition is associated with a little brutality! It dates back to 14th century France, to a time when the bride herself was considered to be a piece of luck. Guests actually swarmed the bride in hopes of snagging themselves a piece of her actual dress, in hopes that good fortune would befall them as well. Like the garter toss, as the brutality became more evident the tradition evolved and soon the bride started throwing elements of her dress or attire and eventually this evolved into throwing her bouquet. Fast forward to modern day, has the changing tradition decreased brutality?

As you can see in some cases it hasn’t …. and so bride’s often times elect to not participate in this long time tradition. If your the kind of bride who is thinking NO on the garter toss, your likely thinking NO on the bouquet as well. Those that do however, usually elect to not throw their own bouquets but opt for “toss” or “throw” bouquet instead. Dont forget to ask your florist to add this to your invoice or get creative and crafty and make a toss out of bridal shower ribbons and bows or other materials. You might also do the single ladies seeking good fortune a favor and practice a bit! More often then not the bouquet is tossed too high, too low, too short, or just fails to make it there.

A few notes from a florist in regards to this traditional floral piece. If you have a lot of single ladies attending your event and your also especially excited about this tradition consider doing a split or breakaway toss. This means the throw bouquet is several smaller clutch bouquets wrapped into one. They split from each other when thrown and more then one recipient then receives good luck. Be beware, this may result in numerous bridesmaids dress’s in your future! Another thought, double up this bouquet! You likely will not need it until close to the end of the night, a good way to save some funds and be efficient is to use it at your sign in table, at your cake table, or in some other strategic place at your event, displayed nicely of course, until you require its services. Also if your not too picky about the design of this bouquet it often times can be made out of “leftovers” from your floral package and can be offered to you cheaper then a designed bouquet.

So whether you opt to throw or not to throw may your planning continue down a productive enjoyable path this weekend! Enjoy!

Image credits: Anne Elizabeth Designs . Wink Photography . Flickr