Tibble Fork Formals {Emily & Landan}

Emily & Landan are about the sweetest couple ever and that was captured in their Autumn formal session. Alyssia B, did a wonderful job catching their love on camera. Landan is a fire fighter and Emily had a long summer waiting for him, since he has been gone for weeks at a time fighting wild fires. Luckily, they will finally be tying the knot next month.  Emily’s dress is from Fantasy Bridal, and her hair was done by Aubrie Mooso at pro Do.  The gorgeous flowers held some sentimental value due to the fact Landan’s mother made the bouquet.2014-10-20_126 2014-10-20_107 2014-10-20_108 2014-10-20_109 2014-10-20_110 2014-10-20_111 2014-10-20_112 2014-10-20_114 2014-10-20_117 2014-10-20_119 2014-10-20_120 2014-10-20_121 2014-10-20_124 2014-10-20_129 2014-10-20_131 2014-10-20_132 2014-10-20_134 2014-10-20_135 2014-10-20_137 2014-10-20_138 2014-10-20_143 2014-10-20_145 2014-10-20_148 2014-10-20_149