Timeless Groomal Session {Natalie + Tyson}

True love is simply, natural, comfortable, and elegantly beautiful in its own right and today we have a gorgeous groomal session to share with you shot by Amber Lynn Photography! We are swooning over these images and love how Amber captured the beauty, elegance, and timelessness of true love. The evergreen forest and gorgeous mountain setting provided the perfect backdrop! Here is a bit more from the bride, Natalie:

“Tyson and I met 4 years prior to our awesome year of courtship. Had I known what an amazing soul he was right off the bat, I would of married him then and there and saved us a lot of time… but alas, one thing I have learned is that timing is everything.

From Provo we fled the state seeking a change of scenery and pace. Tyson took up work in Oregon, and I had an internship in the city of Angels. After a year of what you could call ‘finding ourselves’ we both returned to Utah only to ‘find each other’. My life is deeper and richer because of him. I love him with a kind of love i never knew existed, and for that I am grateful. He is the apple to my eye.”

AmberLynnPhotography AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_2 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_3 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_4 AmberLynnPhotography_66 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_5 AmberLynnPhotography_439 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_6 AmberLynnPhotography_155 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_7 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_8 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_9 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_1 AmberLynnPhotography_260 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_10 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_11 AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_12 AmberLynnPhotography_456bw AmberLynnPhotography_TimelessGroomals_13

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