Tory & Jonny {In Love}

We will warn you know! The post is picture overload but we just couldn’t narrow them down. We love each image and seriously love how Cory Devenney Photography¬†captured the unique connection between these two love birds! We just love the candidness of each image and you can see the fun relationship between this couple. Not to mention the location is crazy amazing! Check out that last shot… AMAZING! Here is bit more behind the concept of this engagement session from Tory:

“We wanted to keep our engagement photos classy and timeless. Since our wedding venue is in the heart of the city we decided to juxtapose it with the mountains because, like most Salt Lake natives, we have a deep love for both. As a wedding photographer myself, I’d seen it all and was on the hunt for something different. When I stumbled across Cory’s page I was so excited to create a unique vision with him. We choose the book theme because we spend much of our free time reading and talking in local coffee shops.”

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