Travel the World: Vintage Groomal Feature

Good morning! We hope everyone had a delightful Easter weekend and that this Monday will bring good beginnings to a wonderful week. Meet Jordan & Alex courtesy of Julie Parker Photography! Though vintage is truly “in” at the moment its hard to create a very authentic yet modern visual, and this shoot does just that! And in what seems to be an effortless and comfortable manner! This stunning bride was meant to adorn finger waves!  Julie Parker is a genius in regards to all her work so we would expect nothing less, and we are so excited she shared this very inspiring and beautiful vintage travel the world groomal shoot with us! Enjoy!

Hair & Makeup: Stephanie Brinkerhoff


  1. Fiona says:

    Julie Parker is AMAZING & yes. . . .we wouldn’t expect anything less. I love this shoot!! 😀

  2. Shelly says:

    Wow, I am stunned. My friend Kim and I know Jordan Moyes and she knows his beautiful wife. I am in awe of your gift and the ability you have to draw in the viewer right into your photography. I feel like I am living in that era just looking at your work. You are amazing!

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