UBB 2013 Winter Editorial {Beauty + Fashion}

We always get so excited about sharing our editorial shoots and today we are even more excited to share with you all the incredible fashion from this shoot! We tend to always lean towards really highlighting the dress… because we all love bridal fashion, but today we wanted to make sure we really talked up the groom fashion because it really is just as important!

When it comes to the best local men’s fashion we of course brought on the amazing guys at Beckett & Robb to make this winter look a show stopper! Beckett & Robb is a maker and merchant of fine clothing for men that specialize in building custom suits, sport coats, shirts, tuxedos, and topcoats. They are passionate about men’s style and want to help men everywhere find their own unique style

“A strong trend right now is for grooms to wear a suit rather than a tuxedo. Perhaps it’s just a trend. Perhaps it’s practicality, where a suit can be useful to groom long after the wedding. A tux, not so much. Either way, we highly recommend wearing a suit.

This particular suit is a wool & cashmere herringbone tweed three piece, which has several advantages. First, it’s more formal than a vestless two-piece suit. Second, the third item provides a lot of versatility to the wearer as it can be worn in a few different ways. Third, the heavier weight of the tweed makes the look fit with the Fall season. Although it’s common for grooms to often wear an “all season” weight cloth, it’s fun to choose a cloth that matches the climate and season. Lightweights in spring and summer, heavier weights in autumn and winter. Fourth, the cloth is 45% cashmere, which dramatically softens up the otherwise rough and course wool tweed. The combination of the supple cashmere and the heavier weight creates an absolutely perfect drape across the shoulders and chest. Something a regular summer wool can’t ever match. Fifth and final, the herringbone pattern is what we call a “false solid.” It’s a subtle pattern that is invisible when viewed from a distance and appears to just be a solid color, but when viewed from up close the subtle pattern gives the cloth dimension and character.

This suit was built custom for the groom, which is why the fit is so perfect. Taking into account more than two dozen measurements, the finished product is snug where it should be, and relaxed where it must be. It’s extremely comfortable while still looking slim and updated. Many grooms are realizing that for the cost of a department store suit (or a few of tux rentals) they can afford a custom suit. Between the ability to control the details of the design of the suit or shirt, and the unmatched fit only custom can provide, this should be a consideration for every groom planning his wedding.”
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Our grooms can have amazing details and accessories as well! We are loving this custom designed Schmutz Watch! Schmutz collaborates with artists worldwide to create one of a kind wrist watches. Through this collaboration, Schmutz provides an affordable, visible, and collectible method of displaying art. These watches are completely one of a kind and are offered in two suede strap options {tan & grey}. Schmutz can make a great gift for a bride, groom, grooms-men and brides maids.


For both the bride and grooms accessories we found some of the vintage details at Liberty Park Emporium which is an upscale vintage shop located near Liberty Park in Salt Lake City, specializing in one-of-a-kind, hand-selected accessories for your home and personal style. Couples love treasure hunting at LPE for the perfect piece of fine estate jewelry and specialty vintage fashions.

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We selected this gorgeous gown from Avenia Bridal and it’s perfect for the hip, modern bride who loves lace. Contrasting champagne colored lining beneath stunning Guipure lace, this body-shaping Rosa Clara offers a truly unique take on the classic lace gown.

UtahBrideBlog_WinterEditorial_fashion_9 UtahBrideBlog_WinterEditorial_fashion_23

The amazing team at Enizio has done it again and they are so talented at what they do!  Here are their tips on getting this look!
“Dark lips are everywhere this winter season and I personally cant get enough of them. This romantic bridal look is perfectly paired with a classically contoured eye and flushed cheeks. I love using rich berry toned colors, layering several lipsticks adds dimension and femininity to the lips. I kept the eye and cheek hues warm, bringing warmth to a winter bridal look keeps this makeup look modern.” – Lesley Lind – makeup artist.
“With the theme headed for a more dramatic winter feel, I did an extra long slicked high ponytail for a fashion forward trend to keep up with the drama. Ponytails are hot hot hot and wearing one for your wedding is definitely ok, when your looking to create drama. However, wearing a ponytail or updo higher than the neckline will keep the look young and fresh. It also adds height at the crown which is perfect to elongate the neck. This is a great option for more round and oval faces. Sweep down bangs for a softer version of this look if you have a square, diamond, or heart shape face.” Morgan Austin – Hair artist.

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And once again thank you to the amazing David Newkirk for these incredible images!