UBB 2013 Winter Editorial Feature

We are finishing off this great year of shoots with an epic UBB editorial, and that is no overstatement of any kind! Every vendor involved went above and beyond in the delivery of their specific discipline, and every detail was so perfectly thought out, orchestrated, and executed all within a theme and style that is about to blow your winter mind! We joined forces with Mood Events on this one with an idea, that they then crafted into a perfect style, {and of course mood} in a way that only Mood can! Mood intricately intertwines extensive details into all of their work, be it a shoot, a wedding, or corporate event and they execute it all in a way that few other planner designers do! Here is what they had to say about the design concept:

When we began the process of designing this year’s winter editorial photo shoot, we were given a simple theme as a starting point: Steampunk.  As we pondered how to interpret this theme in a way that would be appropriate for weddings, relatable to Utah, and also winter appropriate, we settled on a hipster approach that incorporated hints of the Steampunk style. 

Bold colors played a major role in the overall design and feel of this photo shoot.  While winter design often tends to focus on monochromatic color schemes, or traditional red, green, gold or silver color palettes, we decided to pull in an array of colors, metals, and natural wood elements.  Colors like crimson, burgundy, purple, chocolate, winter greens, amber, gold, silver, brass and black not only made the space more inviting, but lent an overall feeling of warmth and coziness to the entire photo shoot.

While we made sure that the design was cohesive, we still incorporated a great deal of varied textures and styles throughout the entire design, making sure nothing was too identical or too staged.  We paired vintage and modern elements side by side, metal against glass against wood, used shiny and dull metallic finishes, and softened everything with leather, denim and linen fabrics.   

We are particularly filled with excitement and anticipation as we begin to share the visuals of this beautiful shoot with you! We do this first with the film skills of none other than Nate Pickett, one of our absolute favorite local videographers who gives you a pretty genuine and incredible look at what a brilliant shoot this truly was all while showing off his own art and talent! Your going to want to watch it more than once, so settle in!

Utah Bride Blog . Winter Editorial from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

And without a need for introduction, {because he is beyond words} our epic winter shoot photographer David Newkirk, whom might have been the most perfectly suited in style and talent for this shoot, shares with us today {and everyday this week} some amazing images beginning with what starts off any event, an invitation … by October Ink. And a look at one cool venue with a perfect vibe, the BTG Wine bar.


October Ink: This is a very clean designed suite, with modern lines and lots of white space. We wanted influences of Utah and strived to keep it sophisticated with an indie approach. This suite was inspired by the venue and the event decor. You can find more of our wedding collection online or at The Write Image in Salt Lake City.





BTG Wine Bar in downtown Salt Lake City served as this winter’s beautiful venue and backdrop.  A new and hip establishment in its own right, BTG Wine Bar was the perfect canvas for our design concept.  With its exposed concrete floors, modern woodworking and furniture, amazing curved bar with an equally incredible arched bar-back studded with pin-spot lights, repurposed wine glass chandeliers, glass bottle pendant bar lighting, and one amazing leather sofa/banquette that extends the entire wall of the restaurant – there wasn’t a venue any more perfect that fit our style and vision.



And then we move onto just a glimpse at the art of what your about to see and experience with us the remainder of this week, as you can see …. its epic!




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