UBB 2013 Winter Editorial: Floral

This beautiful and epic week has come to an end and we are sad to see it go! We have received many delightful comments, and even some emails and texts regarding the quality and beauty behind this inspiration shoot. We are flattered and excited to have been the ones to inspire this and publish it but also just want to really throw it back to our incredible vendor team and all their efforts that really made this shoot what it was, thank you to our vendor team for giving this more than 100% of who you are as artists!

We end on a beautiful and sweet note, with all the floral details! Blossom Sweet joins us with insight into how she created designs to work with the concept and the direction given.

Hello and happy Flower Friday from Melissa Nickle, Owner at Blossom Sweet.  When I was initially approached with the concept for this year’s winter inspiration shoot, I was immediately enamored.  The vision in mind was something a little different and edgy while still being high-style and just plum pretty, and I’m so glad Blossom Sweet was able to be a part of it.  I’m excited to share some floral info with you in today’s post!

BOUQUET and BOUTONNIERE: First we’ll start with the bouquet and boutonniere.  Man alive, this bouquet was a pretty little (okay not so little) thing.   Our bouquets are known for being lush and abundant, and this piece was no exception.  The lovely look was designed using bold tones of reds with accents of various shades of purple and just a hint of both metallic and earthy golds.  Since “roundy-moundy” bouquets don’t exist in the minds of Blossom Sweet designers, as per usual this creation was put together using loads of dimension and texture.  This not only showcased our preferred style, but also helped give it that “edgy” look we were going for.


Also giving it a bit of an edge was the bouquet handle treatment.  We first wrapped the bouquet in an ornate gold-stamped denim we found at a local fabric store (note to readers: if you ever do anything with this type of bedazzled denim other than wrap a bouquet in it, we are not friends [wink wink]), and we then did a draping overlay of black suede woven through a gold chain.  It was perfect.  But let’s not forget the boutonniere, which was a charming companion to the bridal blooms.  To make the bout full yet masculine I opted to use mainly berries and foliage with a solitary garden rose thrown to make it pop.

TABLESCAPE and DECOR:This was a crazy-fun tablescape to create.  I was given a gorgeous vision board to go off of and then I was allowed creative freedom to put something together that I loved.  And loved it I did!  When I first saw the palette for the shoot my immediate thought was that this could go in a very “fallish” direction depending on what I used.  So I made sure to bring in some seasonal winter elements like custom gold-dipped pine-cones, cedar greenery, red ilex (also known as winterberry), and even a French horn (which could certainly be associated with the holiday season).  The infusion of these elements throughout the entire design really gave it a warm, wintery vibe.  It just goes to show that what I always tell clients really is true—you can choose any palette for any season, you just need to hire professionals who can help you pull it off correctly and appropriately.  It’s these professionals that can really put it together and make it work for your event!

floral1 floral2 floral3floral10

For all of the décor—from the main tablescape to the dessert bar to the buffet spread—I used various metal, mercury glass, and amber glass vessels as the containers.  Such a yummy, rich combo, wouldn’t you agree?  These containers really made the bold tones of the flowers “pop” in a big way, and they were much cooler and more appropriate than any typical glass container would have been for this concept.  Truly they just made me adore the lush, full centerpiece designs even more, and these centerpieces looked great among the fresh garlands which were woven throughout the designs and draping off the tables. 

BLOOM SPECIFICS: Finally I’d like to give you a few petal particulars regarding our designs for this shoot since we often get asked questions about what specific flowers and elements we use in our designs.  Here are the blooms broken down into color categories as well as details on our hard-goods accents:

floral4 floral7Reds: red charm peonies, bright red dahlias, chocolate dahlias, ranunculus, red ornamental peppers, black bacarra roses (so dark they’re almost a black undertone), red paris roses, hanging amaranthus, red piano garden roses, rosehips, and red ilex (which is more commonly known as winterberry).

Purples/grays:  scabiosa, silver acacia, agonis, silver brunia, beauty berry, smokebush, and black ornamental peppers.

Greens/golds/browns:  cedar, seeded eucalyptus, gold-airbrushed seeded eucalyptus, gold-dipped pinecones, bunny tail, locally foraged grasses, spanish moss, branches, and various shades of reindeer moss.

Hard-goods accents provided by Blossom Sweet: corrugated tin and galvanized metal containers, mercury glass votives, amber glass vases, French horn, gold stamped denim, black suede, and gold chains.

Thank you to Utah Bride Blog and to all of the amazing vendors involved who made this project happen.  So honored to have been a part of what I feel is such an incredible result.  Happy Holidays, everyone!

And last but certainly not least we are going to leave you with one more look at our film from the shoot, created by Nathan Pickett Films and with his own insight to the shoot! Enjoy! 

The depth and detail of this shoot was stellar!  So, in order to show off what so many talented vendors had come together to do; I did my best to keep it simple.   I get very excited when there are so many great elements that I feel I can’t stop recording for fear that I may miss something!  This was definitely one of those experiences.  The hours flew by and when it was over I could hardly believe it. For you future brides, as it was in this case, the feel and look of your video and photos will be inspired by your own attention to detail.  So think outside the box and bring who you are as an individual and a couple through in every detail of your wedding.  Thank you to the Utah Bride Blog, Mood events, and everyone else who played a part – for including me in such a profound creative experience!

Utah Bride Blog . Winter Editorial from Nathan Pickett on Vimeo.

One more huge shout out to our team and all they did! Thank you especially to Mood Events & David Newkirk!