UBB Best Of 2012 {Engagements}

Here we are at the end of another great year at UBB and in following tradition we are filling this week with the best of’s! Megan & Audrey have selected their favorite engagements, groomal/bridals, weddings, and inspiration or flower Friday’s to share with all of you! This last week happens to coincide with Christmas so before we begin we just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and extend our love and gratitude for both our readers and our vendors! Tomorrow we will not be posting as we will also be celebrating with our families but please enjoy this week of favs! We are kicking it off with engagements!

Audrey’s pick:
Tregan & Landon’s cozy cave engagements were my favorite this year! Shot by the talented Alix Loosle these engagements have just the right amount of chemistry moving through the photos, not to mention how beautiful the images are, Alix really knows her stuff and her style is highly admired. I enjoyed the casual comfort these two share as they spend time together comfortably in one of Utah’s own natural caves and among-st the landscape.  Great style coupled with a unique not seen yet environment made this an easy one on my list of favs! 

Megan’s pick:
Jenessa & Mike’s Silver Lake mountain engagements by Chantel Marie. I love this session because of the crazy beautiful location and I love Jenessa and Mike’s style! In my opinion location and fashion plays a huge part in engagement sessions and is key to get some amazing shots! Take time to work with your photographer to come up with a location that is beautiful and fits your personality. It can even be a location of one of your first dates or something meaningful to you guys or just something outdoor in this gorgeous state! Once you have the perfect location figured out then the next step is to come up with the perfect outfit for you and your man. You want it to reflect your individual style and also be fitting with the location. Have fun with different colors and patterns for a little extra pop!