UBB Fall 2013 Editorial Feature

This week we bring you our fall editorial shoot for 2013 and our typical excitement behind our editorial collaborations exist here without any doubt! A lot of planning, preparation, hard work, and creativity have gone into this one {as with all of them} and the anticipation of showing you this fine work of art is about as exciting as it gets here at UBB.

This time around we present to you an Indian summer theme with some glam factors to pair with rustic nature planned by Events by LMG, and all shot by Alix Ann Loosle Photography at an outstanding location, This Is The Place monument in SLC, UT.

This Is The Place is becoming an increasingly popular wedding venue here in Utah, and we get why! There is a vast array of historical settings available all rich with historical accuracy including an American Indian setting near our beautiful foothills at the top of the park. In this setting you can find traditional Indian Tepees and even a few Kivas nestled up against a lush mountain landscape. This Is The Place also boasts multiple buildings ready to house a big wedding bash and they vary from modern to historical. Say I Do in the old Pine Valley Chapel and then party with all your friends and family in the Garden Place at Heritage Park.

Mara with Events by LMG joins us all week with insight into all the design details and her thoughts behind the planning of this gorgeous late summer shoot. Here are a few of her thoughts:

When designing events and spaces I like all the elements to come together in very effortless way. I don’t ever like the different elements to look too “matchy matchy” or forced. I think it’s really important to mix textures and also to use a variety of shades in every hue you choose to incorporate. I also find that as we’re fine-tuning our ideas and honing in on our exact vision, one specific thing will become the center of the design. Sometimes it’s as simple as the flatware and sometimes it’s a larger and more obvious piece of the puzzle, like the floral design. In this case, our table runner was the nucleus of everything we did, and we built our entire vision around it. I really loved that the runner clearly had a western feel, but used black rather than the standard brown or tan. The black helped us create the “Western Glam” look we were after. The runner had many colors to choose from, but I chose to pull out the orange hue and layered our runner over La Tavola’s Tuscany linen in “spice”. This bold orange hue felt very fall-appropriate and popped against our other elements. The sequin chair backs were really a choice of personal taste, I tend to always like a pop of bling in every design and like to make something sparkle. Paired with the organic fabric of our table linen and western runner, the sequins take on a sort of muted role and add some personality and energy to the table without feeling out of place or too elegant or formal. 

And a final tip for today from Mara: Remember that you’re creating an environment, not a “theme”. You don’t have to use the same element/color/graphic on every single surface. It’s ok to put gold sequins on the chair backs only, nowhere else. It’s ok to put silver an turquoise charms on your napkins, but then use copper-toned flatware. Don’t get caught up in any one color or texture to the point that it becomes the “theme” of the design. 

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