UBB Fall 2013 Editorial {Flowers}

The week has sadly come to an end, but we always go out with a bang and today is no exception! We leave you with the unique colors and designs of the flowers from our fall 2013 editorial feature created by Studio Stems. Mara with Events by LMG joins us with her thoughts on collaborating with Studio Stems and then we invite you to enjoy our amazing floral images after which Audrey with Studio Stems will join us with her insight.

Studio Stems really nailed the floral design, the different colors and textures incorporated in our centerpieces complimented our table design flawlessly.  Because our runner was the center of our design, I made sure to share this when discussing colors and floral selections. The feathers were also a fun way to add a non-floral natural element that worked well with our western-glam vision. Anytime I’m working with banquet (rectangle) tables, I recommend floral every two to three feet, at a minimum. Many clients fall in love with the look of long farmhouse wood tables or rectangle tables, but they make the mistake of not adding enough floral to fill the table and create a cozy and finished look. Any 8′ rectangular table feels too cold without enough floral to spice it up. 

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to be asked to participate in any editorial feature for UBB and we here at Studio Stems were so grateful to work with such an amazing team on such a unique feature. Editorial work is also an opportunity to explore ourselves in a more creative and artistic fashion when it comes to our discipline, something that encourages growth and is easy to embrace and become excited about. 

This bouquet was fun for us because not only was the theme a bit western glam, or Indian summer feeling but our model herself is American Indian and so we really wanted to create a bouquet that set nicely against her gorgeous gold Sara Seven gown and fit her personally as well. {Just as we would with our real bridal clients.} We focused closely on the color scheme that was drawn from the table runner but we also wanted to create some good texture to bring it all back to the earth and blend the world of some bright color with nature. We used wild turkey feathers from our personal arsenal along with wheat stems, snowberry, and fresh mint to do this. We especially loved the gold twine tied feathers to the base of her bouquet hanging down the handle. 

We really drew most of our floral choice inspiration from Mara’s guidance and the runner she selected full of various colors that ranged in tones from bright to dull. We housed our main centerpiece in a natural stone rectangular vessel that has a natural change in the stone color, and our flanking pieces in some antique gold cylinders. We used the same elements we used in the bouquet to bring it all back to the earth and included some delphinium for some taller texture. For our blooms we really played with the coral orange tones and the purples. We used light purple mums and sterling roses, then moved to a stronger purple in way of a traditional rose at its most end stage of blooming. For our orange coral tones we used a coral rose and some gladiolus blooms to pack that powerful punch of color, creating a strong focus. We softened that tone up with a lighter peach rose and a Juliet English garden rose. Much of our bloom selection sounds and can feel somewhat traditional but blended well with other elements it changes the mood of the design and therefor becomes cohesive with the theme. 

And that’s it friends for our fall 2013 editorial! We want to again thank our amazing photographer Alix Ann Loosle for capturing all this beauty in her style, to This is the Place for hosting us, Events by LMG for planning and design, Studio Stems for sending us out on bloom, and to all of our other fantastic vendors and contributors!