UBB Fall 2013 Editorial {Food Details}

The food details for any event really set the mood and style of the event. By choosing what styles of food and how they are served can really create the perfect atmosphere for you and your guests! If you are working with a unique theme or a theme around a culture, the food is one of the key elements to bringing that theme to life. Today we are diving into the amazing food details with Mary Crafts from Culinary Crafts!

“We wanted our food selections to reflect an earthy native feel but still retain the elegance needed for a wedding menu.  The plated 1st course was a Cilantro-crusted Scallop on Petite Black Bean Cake with Roasted Corn Salsa, a perfect beginning to a Native American Dinner. 

The Signature Cocktail:  “Desert Margarita”  is a take off on the traditional margarita garnished with Prickly Pear Cactus.

And for dessert, we selected the trendy “Dessert Trio”: Mini Tres Leche Cake with Strawberry Duxelle. Mexican Wedding Cookies drizzled with Diablo Chocolate Sauce and sweet Corn Ice Cream with Prickly Pear Salsa.”

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We are loving the china, flatware and glassware selections because they are all non-traditional and from different collections, but together they feel very natural and fun. The different colors and materials play off one another to make the table interesting. The gold rope flatware from diamond rental is one of our favorite options or any ranch, barn or mountain setting and paired with Culinary Crafts’ recycled wine bottle water glasses, they really stand out. A gorgeous table set up and food presentation for sure!

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