UBB Spring 2013 Editorial Feature

Our quarterly editorials are back! Best weeks of the year and we are so excited to kick off our spring 2013 shoot and show you what we have had in the works! Its fresh, clean, modern, colorful, and charming. With a lot of elements and their surrounding details, there will be multiple reasons to visit each day and rejuvenate with creative and beautiful ideas! not to mention the gorgeous visuals and photography courtesy of Travis J Photography.

This time around we are going to start you off with a gorgeous cinematic creation by the immensely talented David Perry! David has been filming weddings full time for over 10 years now, one of the most seasoned in both his industry of film and the wedding industry! He boasts some serious accolades including one of the top 25 best event filmmakers in the world! {EventDV Magazines international survey 2010-2011} And best of state for documentary films! We asked David to share just a little bit about his style:

My films touch the heart because they come from the heart. I care just as much about the experience of the event as I do capturing the event. That’s why so many wedding vendors refer me. Not only do I do great work, but I’m a great team player. 

My style is simplistic and timeless with an emphasis on candid moments and details. I am definitely hands off when it comes to posing. Instead, I strive to create a safe environment where others can be who they truly are and have the candid moments unfold naturally. I’m very good at knowing when those candid moments are going to happen and then sharing those on a film. 

Utah Bride Blog Spring Shoot from David Perry on Vimeo.

We had a great time on location for this shoot because all our spring vendors were so easy to interact with, professional, and on top of their game! Our photographer, Travis J, set the mood and we loved every minute of this smooth modern shoot. And of course he output some generous work that hit this style right on the nail!

One of our new 2013 vendors joined us in the conceptualizing and design of this editorial, contributing a good deal of detail and planning, Scenemakers! They created a gorgeous tablescape and a hip lounge area with a modern viceroy vibe! Allie Kesler headed this up and we asked her to share some input today on the design vibe!

For this spring shoot we wanted to create a modern and fresh wedding. We incorporated lots of geometrics into the styling, to give a structured and clean feel, while using a color palette that was at once, classy and exciting. Black and white were a big part of this formula, giving a clean cut, upscale vibe. Emerald and lime greens played off of each other for some depth, and a feeling of energetic spring growth. Yellow accents were added for the perfect amount of warmth. To give some youthful character to the modern environment we wanted, inspiration was found from some hip mid-century modern Palm Springs hotels. The bride I picture wanting this wedding, is sophisticated, but still playful and exciting. She may be a graphic designer or collector of modern art. There is a hip sophistication to her personal style.

We chose an equally perfect for this style venue, the 15th Street Gallery in Sugarhouse! Allie collaborated with us on this and also shares with us the insight behind this choice!

To achieve the look we wanted, a very white and clean space was required.  Our venue choice for this Spring Inspiration wedding was perfectly accommodated by the beautiful 15th Street Gallery. It’s all white walls and floors transformed our vision into a reality. This is a working art gallery, with a focus on painting from local Utah artists. When considering this venue for your own wedding, be aware that you just may luck out with some amazing art work gracing the walls of your event. The front of this gallery has a small boutique, filled with stunning vases and jewelry. Nestled in the quaint little 15th and 15th shopping area, be sure to grab a bite to eat at one of the neighboring cafes or restaurants, when you stop to check out this potential venue site. I think a gallery in general is well suited to this style of wedding. There are lots of small locally owned gallery’s out there that would certainly invite some extra cash for an evening rental. A gallery wedding really instills an intimate setting, that is sure to be remembered by all of your guests.

And without further ado ……


  1. It has been SO LONG since I have seen a modern wedding feature! I love rustic, but it’s nice to mix it up a little. This really reminds me of the beach glass I collected on the shores of Santorini, in Greece. I love that feeling! 🙂

  2. C. R. B. says:

    The photography is so crisp, clean and vibrant. The editing is fabulous! I love it because it reflects the styling of the event. Very impressive! Thanks TravisJ for capturing and illustrating the story that was being told! Awesome work!

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