UBB Spring 2013 Editorial {Paper & Design Details}

Today we are sharing more from our Spring Editorial and focusing on the paper design and how the design elements were carried into the other decor and details. The stunning invitations were designed by Pink Piggy Design and we are obsessed with how she used modern text combined with fresh + bold patterns to create a statement piece that was carried through out the entire event. We took the square pattern from the back of the invitation and used this as inspiration in the lounge area backdrop design. And what a serious statement and focal point this made! Gorgeous! Your wedding invitations can be a great start for coming up with the overall look and feel of your event.

utahbrideblog_springeditorial_paperdetails2 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_paperdetails1 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_paperdetails3

“For the lounge area we custom painted two 8’ tall by 4’ wide panels to create an exciting backdrop . We wanted to make it modern, with a hint of op art for pizzazz. White and emerald were the color choices for this, to make it feel really lively and current.  White leather lounge furniture is great for creating a clean and bold statement. Throw pillows in lime to give depth to the emerald and white backdrop, were a nice touch, and black and white geometric pillows to bring in the graphic and modern element. We used smaller white coffee tables, so we could stagger them, giving more presence to sleek lines. Straight black pedestals on the sides of the backdrop helped give some height to the décor and floral. We kept this very simple and elemental, with a tall white vases, and branches of yellow forsythia, to bring the warmth in.” Allie Kesler, Scene Makers

utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea1 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea7 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea2 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea6 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea3 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea10 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea8 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea4 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea9 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea5 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea12 utahbrideblog_springeditorial_loungearea11

Thank you so much to Travis J. Photography for the gorgeous images!!