UBB Summer 2013 Editorial {Paper Details}

Paper goods and details is another perfect way to bring in the theme of your event and invitations are the first glimps of your theme that people will see! We asked the talented Nikkol Christiansen with Peter Loves Jane to come up with something different and fun for our glamping theme. Here is what she did:

“Watercolor illustrations and hand lettering are two trends that have been gaining popularity over the past couple of years, with no indication of going away any time soon. In fact, I only see the trend gaining more momentum.

For this wedding invitation design, I ventured into slightly unexpected terrain. Invitations are the first glimpse of your wedding that guests will receive.
I wanted to give the ‘guests’ a hint of othe venue and backdrop, so rather than painting the typical flowers and branches, I painted a forest scene. Keeping the front of the invitation simple with a hand-lettered calligraphy style font, gives it the elegant element that this shoot called for.”

UBBSUMMER2013_0106 UBBSUMMER2013_0107

Envelopes sometimes get forgotten after a lot of work has gone into the invitations. We loved to see well dressed envelopes and adore the use of unique or vintage stamps! These gorgeous envelopes were hand addressed by the talented Ashantai Yungai with Distinctive Inscriptions Calligraphy!


For the “place cards” we used customized mini match boxes with the guests names calligraphied on the inside of the box and then placed them on top of the menus. Have fun using your them to come up with creative ways to incorporate place cards in your table design.

UBB_SummerEditorial_Glamping_PaperDetails1 UBBSUMMER2013_0089 UBB_SummerEditorial_Glamping_PaperDetails2

Another unexpected detail is doing a unique presentation for your escort cards. We loved the idea that Ashley came up with for our glamping theme! She used fishing poles to create a way to hang the “escort cards” which were actually real leafs that had each guests name calligraphied on them in silver ink!

UBBSUMMER2013_0111 UBBSUMMER2013_0113

A fun + unique favor for a glamping themed wedding is to give mini boxes of stylish fish hooks! Top it off with a customised monogram seal and you have the perfect little favor that is sure to impress your guests!

UBB_SummerEditorial_Glamping_PaperDetails3 UBBSUMMER2013_0117

There are so many fun ways to bring this theme to life so have fun with it and find ways that reflect your personal style and taste!



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