Utah Bride Alex

Meet the beautiful Utah Bride Alex who was so beautiful photographed by Stephanie Sunderland. We are just smitten with Alex’s stunning sequin dress and these gorgeous shots amongst the trees and wildflowers!

UtahBrideAlex_1 UtahBrideAlex_2 UtahBrideAlex_3 UtahBrideAlex_4 Alex-58 UtahBrideAlex_5 Alex-32 UtahBrideAlex_6 UtahBrideAlex_7 Alex-35 UtahBrideAlex_8 Alex-44 UtahBrideAlex_9 Alex-23 UtahBrideAlex_10 UtahBrideAlex_11 Alex-15 UtahBrideAlex_12 UtahBrideAlex_13 UtahBrideAlex_14 UtahBrideAlex_15 Alex-94