Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial: Fashion

After our delish post yesterday you most likely have anxiously awaited more editorial goodness and we have patiently been stowing some beautiful images behind the scenes to share with you, no easy feat we tell you! The fashion elements fit seamlessly with simple perfection and natural beauty, today our fashion team joins us to break them down for you!

Lets start with our bride and her hair & makeup foundation from our talented friends over at Enizio where hair & makeup artistry is their craft and brides are their specialty.

Asia’s perfectly freckled complexion is easy to be in love with, letting her natural beauty shine through was top priority…sometimes, less is more. To enhance her eyes I focused on thick upper lashes while highlighting her tear ducts. This technique brightens and opens the eye. Pinks and greens contrast so well together so I couldn’t resist giving her a perfectly pink pout paired with flushed cheeks. – Lesley Lind, Makeup Artist

Not to many ladies these days walk around with a head full of natural-ness, Asia’s beautiful long natural red hair spoke for itself. The addition of soft romantic texture to pair up wiht the head pieces was all that she needed. – Anna Cosentino, Hair Artist


Our bride wore our simple styled fashion ensemble of organic goodness really well, from head to toe all adorned elements accented one another with cohesive style. From her Danani Handmade head-ware through her BHLDN gown and her organic handmade Katie Waltman Jewelry.

We were enchanted with the handmade head-pieces Danani provided us so we utilized more than one look that fit our style. A bohemian style veil is gonna be the piece that really blows your mind as you scroll through these beautiful images by Lindsey Shaun. We also used a lace headband and a gold almost Gatsby style head-piece, they all worked for this bridal babe and the style of the shoot, just goes to show you can change it up. Perhaps you wear that veil for the ceremony but you change it up for the reception!

BHLDN {pronounced “beholden”} is a special occasion brand dreamed up by Anthropologie. Their collection targets the bride who has not yet found what she is looking for, aiming for something simple but also a bit eclectic – something different. Comfortable quality fabric molded into a the kind of product we all have come to know and love at Anthropologie can be yours on your wedding day!

Sian Gown: Exquisitely embroidered and showered in delicate three-dimensional flowers, this silk gown is reminiscent of a summer garden in full bloom. From its pearl cluster centers to meticulous detailing, this Catherine Deane gown was made for the feminine bride. A BHLDN exclusive available at www.bhldn.com

Like with the head-pieces our jewelry was traded out for various looks throughout the shoot. A subtle accessory that like her makeup created more from less. Katie Waltman is a profoundly talented designer that calls SLC home, her collection can be found in her darling shop in the 9th district or online. Delicate gold chains and natural geodes and rocks graced our brides body to create subtle accent.


The final fashion accessory was the ultimate bridal accessory, the bouquet. Created by Studio Stems this organic bouquet will be discussed on Friday, so stay tuned! UBB is mostly about the bride but we go all out on our editorial grooms as well!

Nathan was styled by Beckett & Robb, one of our favorite local men’s fashion experts and custom suit producers.

Believe it or not, weddings at the end of summer and beginning of Autumn are one of the easiest times for a groom. The lighter colors common with these seasons, paired with accenting shades  in accessories like ties and pocket squares help add a punch of personality without looking like an ensemble that was used the night before at a high-school prom.

The point of the groom’s attire is beyond merely dressing appropriately; it ensures that all the focus he does get stays on him, rather than his clothing. It also should denote a level of intention and care, without venturing into the realm of obsession. After all, a man concerns himself with details but doesn’t lose sight of the overall picture.

The greys, browns, and greens pictured here perfectly frame our groom without making him look as if he’s screaming for attention. Notice how the buttons complement the shoes, and the square pulls a shade from the tie without matching it directly. These are the kinds of details that get noticed by everyone, even if it’s only subconsciously. – Tanner Guzy, Beckett & Robb

It’s his big day too, and most grooms have a fairly easy time wearing their suit after the ceremony, so there’s no sense in settling for anything inferior. For everything pictured above, we recommend seeing our friends over at Beckett & Robb. They’re the best at what they do and, while they’re picking up national steam, they’re homegrown in Utah and proud of it. It’s a win for everyone. 


We are gonna fish off today’s goodness with some of our favorite fashion images of our bride & groom. Stay tuned tomorrow for a in-depth look at out table and furniture styling by Amanda at Recycled design, its pure goodness too!