Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial: Flowers

Our summer editorial week is coming to an end, and in so many ways that saddens us, it has been a week full of beautiful inspiration and the work of an incredibly talented team with great insight and advice to share with you! We always finish strong here at UBB so today we share floral with you, a wedding element especially loved by brides and our readers! Audrey with Studio Stems joins us to lend her own insight to our summer editorial week. It was a pleasure to have Studio Stems on board this shoot, they are long standing event floral experts and a huge talent here in Utah

White wedding floral is making its way back on the scene in a subtle way, a style that was trendy years ago became less common when color took front and center stage and now the classic timelessness, the simplicity and clean look, is coming back like a dark horse disguised white! Because white is heavily associated with weddings, namely the bridal gown, white floral can so easily be done in such a way that sends it disappearing into the dress, the linens, or other decor rather than creating the accessory it really should be. So when I began conceptualizing floral designs for this shoot I knew two things …… first that I wanted a lot of texture brought into the bloom selection, and that I was going to play up that green in a contrasting way! 

I worked closely with Amanda from Recycled Design on the table design and concept to ensure it represented both of our crafts well and introduced some new styling inspiration to UBB readers. We used a garden grown heart vine hanging off the table off center, it brought not only texture to the table that was needed to soften it but also some interest. The floral centerpiece was created in a gold metal caged glass cylinder and included a lot of planned texture and fullness but it also was used on the side of the table rather than the middle, it created balance when the whole experience was looked upon, rather than balance solely on the table, a styling contribution to the whole aesthetic ensemble. 

The bouquet was again created with classic white blooms but with texture in mind and some needed contrast of green foliage. This sets the bouquet off the gown and allows it to be the ultimate bridal accessory it was intended to be. We kept the textures soft however, conducive to the style of the gown and the shoot. The little boutonniere on the groom is a charmer, a ruffly scabiosa paired with some foliage this little guy also fits the style of the shoot without being too feminine for a gent to wear! 

Thanks to Studio Stems and our whole team one more time! Especially our talented and incredible photographer Lindsey Shaun! We cant leave you without one more look at the talents of Kale Fitch in way of our summer ’14 editorial film! Check out the links to the entire team in our vendors & sources section below.