Utah Bride Blog Summer 2014 Editorial

This is a brilliant one people. An editorial work unlike any that we have orchestrated and offered you thus far. We endeavor with each editorial to bring you something fresh and new to consider when looking at inspiration and this one falls right in line with the fresh and the new. Styled and crafted by a team of extraordinary talent and resources we are thrilled to start off this mid summer week with touches of emerald and ivory!

We begin with a video from one of the best local film talents, Kale Fitch Films. Video is just emerging past its frontier, becoming so relevant and necessary in our lives as we personally document experiences and work. A work becoming more present in weddings everyday. Kale brought some life to our party with some tunes and some laughs! A pure joy and gentleman to work with, not to mention an incredible talent. So take a few minutes to avoid your Monday to-dos and kick back to watch our magic happen through his magical work set to some groove.

If that was not enough we have some additional film to share with you, some still film from an equally profound local talent Lindsey Shaun Photography. Lindsey has a unique way of capturing people and countless years of experience behind her, a highly sought after local photography talent we were beyond thrilled to have her on the summer 2014 team. She brought to our editorial table her talents and a genuinely awesome personality creating comfort for our muses both human and otherwise.

We created our summer editorial in a natural light studio, it provided us a blank canvas with simple but great background texture to play out the crafts of our talented team and offer you a more simple look at the complexity of each disciplines art.

Amanda with Recycled Design graciously agreed to join us and bring her exceptional styling eye along with some modern elements to mix with collected vintage details. This southern Utah fiercely original talent brought her interior design and styling skills to the table, literally! And a new kind of talent to the wedding world as perhaps an unexpected but brilliant source.

It was so hard to compose this post and not have deep desire to credit our entire team in the text, we are going to restrain ourselves and encourage you to refer to our sources at the bottom of the post and keep coming back everyday as we break it all down and offer you the grit into this beautiful shoot. So without further ado …….