Utah City Engagements {Roberta + Dusty}

We are loving this beautiful Salt Lake City backdrop in todays featured engagement session by Callie Hobbs Photography! The dreamy lighting on the cold winter day is just beautiful and the details of the city are gorgeous!

“Dusty and I have been friends for several years. We have a lot of mutual friends and had a lot of opportunity to be around each other. Our casual friendship slowly changed and over the course of a year we went from friends to best friends. We loved spending time together and we talked about everything. Eventually we realized why we didn’t want to spend time with anyone else. Once we started dating it didn’t take very long to realize that we wouldn’t EVER want to spend time with anyone else.

Once he knew he was going to propose he arranged for his family to send an heirloom, his great-great grandma’s ring. It was lost in the mail and they were searching for it for several weeks. He says when he got home one day and it was sitting on his bed he was too excited to wait. We went to dinner and spent the evening just the two of us. On the way home he knelt outside the car and asked me. I didn’t know he had a ring so it was a complete surprise when he slipped it onto my finger. Even though it’s super cliché, I am lucky enough to have fallen in love with my best friend.”
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