Utah Couple: Anniversary Session

Dayana + Braxton chose Des Loveless Photography to shoot their anniversary session to document their 2 year anniversary, their love, and celebrate their upcoming temple sealing. If you read us regularly you know we love anniversary sessions and think they are so important in the marriage journey, these two have specific reasons why this shoot was so important and they shared with us! We celebrate them today! Congrats Dayana + Braxton!

Braxton and I met at Fox Hollow Golf Club he worked at the club house at the time and I taught junior golf lessons. I remember seeing him around but one time in particular he had played in a tournament and they were all just finishing and Braxton just stuck out to me. There were some people smoking and drinking and Braxton was eating smarties.. I then just had the impression, that is someone I would want to be with. Months went by and we just lived our lives. One evening I was playing golf by myself, and he was on a different hole playing alone and he joined me. I didn’t like playing with people so I wasn’t to friendly but Braxton has a way with people… he can make friends with anyone! A few weeks later he called me and asked me if I wanted to go to the zoo. After that first date because of his positive attitude I knew I wanted to spend more time with him because he made me feel so happy!

We eloped on May 5, 2015 it was a very easy decision for us. We don’t know who our witnesses were because we went alone. We didn’t want to hurt anyone by not including them during our special time. We took one selfie outside of the courthouse. For a lot of people this isn’t the dream, but for us it was more than a dream come true for us! We were so happy together we had made the decision that no matter what life brought to the table we could overcome trials together. We had a family situation that made our relationship difficult, long story short I felt safe and at peace with Braxton. Eloping was the best thing we could do during that time. After telling our parents our great news, We started our lives together we found a home and it was awesome!

Being married has seriously been fun for us. We are so different yet we have a lot in common we try new things and play sports together. We also make time for each other and plan things without each other as well. We have very busy schedules between jobs, school and activities so we look forward to seeing each other each day. As great as spending every second with your loved one sounds.. it is soooo important to make time for yourself and do things with your friends. The best advise that was given to us was don’t go to sleep mad at each other. Why raise your voice when you can talk it out? Facing our disagreements respectfully has made us closer. At the end of the day we are married because we love each other and we are happy together!