Utah Desert Engagements: Tasia + Chet

Cassandra Farley Photography shared Tasia + Chet with us and we like the scenery, the fashion, and the couple! These two met just after Tasia moved to the St George area at a resteraunt that Tasia’s cousin worked out while she was visiting. That was 6 years ago! These two have ventured all over the US together, traveling, exploring, and working and are getting ready to get hitched in Sept! They shared their cute ring + proposal story with us!

One day, Tasia took me to a store to look at some jewelry she loved. She said the it was so unique and beautiful that I needed to go look at it with her. On the way to look at it, Tasia was telling me about how this lady is a local designer in San Diego and has pop up shops in store called West Elm and has people sale her pieces. As we walked into the store, Tasia’s jaw dropped as she explained to me that the designer was standing right there by her hand made pieces. Tasia was star struck and nervous as we walked up to the table. We started looking at the jewelry and introduced ourselves to Kasia (the designer) as we introduced ourselves we found it funny that Tasia’s and Kasia’s names were so similar. We had our puppy with us and she noticed that we all (including Cyrus) had bright blue and beautiful eyes. Immediately we connected with Kasia and felt homely, and close as we all got to know each other. Tasia found the ring she wanted and we asked Kasia to hold it for 1 week. Kasia agreed to hold it and gave us her business card as we all hugged and parted ways. Two days later, I told Tasia that I could not afford it and that I had emailed Kasia to let her know that we could not purchase the ring. What really happened was me and Kasia set up an appointment to size and purchase the rings as a set. It worked… we completely surprised Tasia! Tasia even acquired a job with Kasia helping her sale her jewelry all while thinking the ring was long gone. The entire experience was beautiful and perfect in its own way! 

So that’s kind of the back story of how he got the ring! The night he proposed we had went to dinner at a restaurant on the bay with a beautiful skyline view of San Diego for an early valentines’ date. It was amazing and romantic however he didn’t propose until after we got home from dinner. Saying, “I hope you know that I don’t ever want to do anything without you.” As he pulled out the ring I started crying and he asked if I would marry him. I looked at him and laughed through my tears saying, “Yeah, I guess.” I’d never been so surprised and happy!

Congrats Tasia + Chet!

Photography: Cassandra Farley || Makeup: Beauty by Luvi || Ring: Kasia