Utah Engagement: Taylor + Mason

This adorable couple shared with us their love story:

We have a crazy love story. I was living in Washington D.C. And a friend of mine shared a video of this guy playing “River Flows in You” on Facebook and I was amazed so naturally I added him on Facebook and I didn’t think anything of it because he lived in Las Vegas. I figured it wasn’t weird because we had a mutual friend. I messaged him and asked for a recording of that song and he said he would send me one (he never did). One day I posted that I was moving to go to school at BYU-I. He messaged me and told me that he lived right by the school and I was like “no way you live in Vegas”! Well my first night in Rexburg he took me out on a date and we were inseparable since. A year and 3 months later he asked me to marry him. Our story is practically written in the stars. We met from across the country and without knowing it or planning it, we ended up in the same place at the right time. 
He’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me and we only to seem to get happier with each passing day! 
Thanks for sharing Taylor + Mason and congrats!

Photography: Allison Quist