Utah Engagements: Hannah + Cole

Hannah made that adorable dress, and we really like their salt flat engagements by Brooke Bakken. Just goes to show how a simple but beautiful environment is all you need to create some engagement picture magic! Hannah went to a prestigious fashion school in LA, thus why she that dress she is wearing is so spectacular.

These two have known each other since the Jr high era but were both too shy to interact, high school brought a few run ins but again they were too shy. Fast forward a few years after high school when Cole had the courage to text Hannah on her birthday a birthday message, and the spark was lit! A few months later they met for the first time in years on temple square with a group of friends to see the Christmas lights and they began dating!

Hannah & Cole had been talking marriage for a bit while they dated long distance, Hannah in LA and Cole in Utah, so they both knew engagement was imminent but Cole was sneaky about the duration of time it was taking him to save up money for the ring she wanted. On a visit to LA for her graduation with both her family & his he surprised her with a romantic rooftop engagement complete with images of them together, rose petals, and candles. Both family + friends hid so she thought they were alone but they watched the whole thing and celebrated with the couple afterwords! Congrats Hannah + Cole! Thanks for sharing your story with us and thanks Brooke for submitting these top notch engagements!


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