Utah Engagements Jennifer + Tallon

There are a good number of cowboys here in this state filled with wide open spaces and plenty of ranching land! Jennifer found her one of those cowboys and their engagement session with Alixann Loosle is pretty adorable accompanied by two of their horse companions! Here is what Jennifer had to say about their relationship:

Tallon, my fiancé, is a born and raised country boy. He currently works with cattle and horses daily. When we first met, I was the definition of a city girl born and raised in Orem. It has been quite the adventure learning how to ride horses and having it become a big part of my life. I have grown to love horses and riding.

Our proposal story fits Tallon perfectly. I knew he had the ring for about three months but was patiently waiting for the big question to be asked. He took me out to a nice dinner at Maddox and on our way home, Tallon said we needed to feed the horses. We stopped by the barn and it looked magical! He had strung lights throughout the barn ceiling and had laid out hay bales where he had red roses, pictures of us, and candles lining the sides of the barn. Every detail was picture perfect! He got down on one knee and the rest is history.

After having such a fairy-tale engagement, I have strived to incorporate Tallon’s lifestyle and personality into all of our wedding plans. I couldn’t have him wear anything but jeans, boots and a cowboy hat for our pictures. It truly is his everyday attire. We included the horses in our engagement photos and we will be tying the knot in a barn!

Congrats you two and thanks for sharing with us!